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The state of the Hifi industry today is a pretty disappointing thing.  You have a few local dealers in only the most populated areas and they mostly carry the same thing.  You have the online dealers who's variety is better, but do not provide a way to hear the product before buying it.  It is a rare thing to find a new distributor who will take a chance on anything overseas or push the up and comers.  What is and the answer to this downward trend and how can we address this?

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our history

2014  -  The Believe Hifi Network is founded

2015 -  Believe High Fidelity is the US Distributor for Aries Cerat Design

Believe High Fidelity is the US Distributor for Vermouth Audio

2016 -  Believe High Fidelity attends CES 2016

Believe High Fidelity attends THE Show Newport 2016

2017 -  Believe High Fidelity is North American Distributor for Echo Diastasis, Etsuro Urushi, Primary Control, and Torqueo Audio

2017 -  Believe High Fidelity attends RMAF 2017

Join our Network!

We are looking for new Dealers and Manufacturers to participate in the Believe Hifi Network


We are currently looking for dealer and/or manufacturer partnership for the following events

-Austin Audio Show or New York Audio Show


Joining the Network is free!  Just follow the step below to enroll.


Send and email to J@ibelieveinhifi.com with Partnership in the subject line.


Identify which areas you would like to work with us on and we will contact you within 48 hours and send some information for your review.


We have a meeting in person or online to review our relationship, how we can benefit your business and how that will in turn grow the Network.  You can be a member for free or take advantage of our services at anytime.


If there is a fit, we will draft up the legal agreements that we will adhere to as a part of our partnership and to protect both parties. After signing we will provide copies for your records and that's it!

Meet The Believe HiFi Team

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