Mission Statement

The Believe Hifi Network is all about connecting audiophiles and enthusiasts alike to the music and the people who can offer it.

Our goal is to work both with both parties in an effort to bring them together in the easiest and most effective way possible using a 3 Tier architecture over a network.

Tier 1 - Direct:     We empower you to listen to the product in the best environment possible.  Tell for yourself if a product is good without biased opinion or poor room conditions of a dealer or trade show. We can also put you in touch with a local dealer in your area and provide updates on shows or events to attend.

Tier 2 - Indirect:  We connect you to the right dealer(s) who can sell the product and provide a solution to the level of fidelity you want to reach and type of way you want to listen to music.  Get the best price knowing all dealers offer the same pricing.

Tier 3 - D.I.Y:       We provide ongoing phone support, video tutorials, blogs, links, and referrals to empower you to stay as up to date and improve your listening experience.

The Network

How we ensure the success of this system is through collaboration and teamwork of like minded individuals who understand the days of the brick and mortar stores are not going to work moving forward.  Each dealer in the network has a specific area they will service for both sales and selection advisement. In the event that you need service or repair there will be designated repair dealers in the network. The repair dealers are hand selected to provide the highest level of workmanship with equivalent dedication in customer service.

To keep the doors open for the existing dealers with showrooms we have compiled a listing of dealers in your area with which you can visit for the direct Tier 1 experience.

Doing all we can to get the music to you is our creed.  We need to continue to make strides in keeping the high fidelity industry alive as a legacy to the next generation of audiophiles and enthusiasts!

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